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History / Background
History / Background
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Looking backward...

History of My running

I've had a lazy eye since birth and back in the 60's it was considered inoperable. It wasn't obvious to me at first, but this lazy eye gave me very limited depth perception, so I was terrible at most ball type sports.  So i started running and had a fascination with track and field, looking forward to every Olympics. Once in Junior High I joined the Cross Country team.  CC along with Band were probably the highlights  of my school days.   I was captain of the CC team for 76 and 77.  

Adult life

Once out of school I moved to Columbus, Ohio where it is relatively flat and in the process of starting my life I stopped running.  When my weight became a serious thread to my health I started dieting and I found once I could run again, it was a great way to take the pounds off laster.