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My blog about my 2011 goal of running in the Columbus Marathon:

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I've started a new sport. New to participate in anyway. Back in early 70s when my family first got cable TV we had a couple of stations from Southern Ontario. I quickly became fascinated with the sport of Curling. At first my fascination came with trying to figure out what was going on and what where those crazy people doing with those brooms?

After a while I figured it out and actually enjoyed the matches learning the strategy and following certain teams. I've always wanted to give it a try. However, when I moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1977 I moved even further from the sport. In 1998 Curling became an Olympic medal sport and despite NBC's best efforts to hide it, I saw a few matches on TV. I began to search for places to try out this sport. Finally, when the NHL brought a hockey team to Columbus and with it Canadians!. Now it appears there is enough interest in our area that a brand new Curling league is starting and I am a charter member. More pictures, info, and a curling page as time permits. Click on the banner below for the website.

Columbus Curling club.

On 5/6/06 We returned from our 25th anniversary Caribbean cruise. We left 4/29/06 and were in the Virgin Islands on our anniversary date. Below is a picture of the ship sailed on, The Voyager of the Seas. That was our first cruise. Our 30th anniversary is coming up and we will be cruising the Virgin Islands again!

I also use this page to share some of my other interests such as Amateur Astronomy. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Gina McCall (Thoma) I am originally from Wesleyville, PA, which is just outside Erie, PA. I am a 1977 graduate of Iroquois High School.

William McCall (Bill)

My main email address is "bmccall AT insight DOT RR DOT com"

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We just bought our first new car in 27 years! Take a look! (Lots of pictures, will take awhile to load!) 6/16/07

Our 20th anniversary getaway weekend

Our 25th anniversary Caribbean Cruise!(2006)

Pictures from the ONJ concert: Taken 8/12/99 at Polaris Ampitheater.
Pictures from my hometown of Wesleyville, Pa: From Wesleyville PA.
California vacation 2002: Hollywood and Disney 8/02
My Astronomy/Comet Photos page: A few pictures of my telescope and comet Hale Bopp
A little bit about my family:
We bought a hot tub! 6/6/03
My daughter Melinda's homepage.

Columbus Buffalo Wings: Some interesting places to get Buffalo Wings in Columbus
Now includes recipes and places to buy wing sauce!

Some of the best of my photographic work of the last 25 years: