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We first decided to buy a hot tub back in 1997. But CompuServe's executives screwed that company up and they were sold to AOL. AOL gave 75% of us the boot. Six years later we started looking again. Now that Gina and I are passed 40, it became a higher priority in life. There are probably 8 different companies specializing in spas around Columbus. We visited them all. We didn't take them up on any "try before you buy" offers. Afterall, we have been in spas of friends and relatives.

When we met a really great sales guy (a kid by comparison) we decided he deserved our business. This was at The Hot tub store on Columbus' west side. (Link at top of page) After looking at several models, we chose the 6 person Renaissance 4000 from Dynasty Spas. What sold me, I think, was the twin 7hp pumps. 5hp was the biggest I had seen till then. The picture below shows the lay out of our spa, but ours isn't this color. We went with the "moonscape" textured surface shown to the right.

We finally made the purchase in late February. Then we had a lot of work to do before the tub was delivered.We had to pull shrubbery, move some patio blocks to make way for the 10 x 10 foot concrete pad we had to pour. Much to our dismay, we had plenty of time as the delivery company couldn't deliver it for 28 days! I also had to add a 240 volt 50 amp breaker to the panel and run a heavy guage cable out to the patio.

Well, April 28th finally came, delivery day. I took the day off to be home to get the tub hooked up. At noon I called the store and the delivery company hadn't come to pick it up yet. 5pm, same story. The store closed at 7:30 so I called again at 7:15pm and was told they were running late but would be there. 10pm came and went and I decided they weren't coming. Why did I take a vacation day? Suddenly about 10:30 up pulls the truck and there it was!

The picture below is my daughter Melinda, she was seeing the tub for the first time. She was dissapointed it wasn't blue.

Below, is me, hooking up the electric as Midnight approached.

We started filling the tub around 11pm. This model holds 425 gallons. Fortunatly, we have two hoses within reach and we had the tub filled by 11:45. As first power was applied at midnight it fired right up and worked! The bad part was the water was 52 degrees F. By 1am when we went to bed it was up to 56! We set the alarm for 6am and hoped to take a morning dip before work. At 6am the temperature was up to 80, but still too cold for a dip.

Above is the next day, by daylight we saw we had to add a little more water.

Some of our recent additions include a plant to cover where the electic goes into the ground (to keep people from tripping as well) We also put up two "shepards hooks" to hang our towels and robes. Finally, at our local grocey store we found a folding umbrella that was the perfect size to cover out tub so we can enjoy it in a light rain.

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Stop in for a dip when you in the neighborhood!

The manufacturer of our spa.

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