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Its almost time for Wing Zing 2002!

The sixth annual Budweiser Wing Zing is fast approaching. The event will be held in the Arena District on July 13th. The Wing Zing is held outdoors with live music and fifteen local restaurants serving chicken wings. The proceeds will be donated to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation & Charity Newsies.

Guess what folks! The Wing King is a judge for this year's event!

Wing Zing 2001

This annual event was held this year behind Nationwide arena and once again sponsored by WLVQ-QFM96. Here you could sample wings from all the major players in Columbus at once. There was a stage with a lot of great music during the day. (The king and queen are now fans of the Dan Orr Project) This event, however, was not for Buffalo wings only, but for Wings in general. We will try to keep that in mind when we give you our report

Of course, the 2 big shots of Columbus wings, Quaker Steak and Lube and Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) were there. QSL has quite a nice set up in a portable trailer. It's obvious they travel to these wing events quite a bit.

For the 2001 Wing Zing, the best wing, as our web site has already told you, is QSL followed closely by BW3

As readers of this web site should know, the Buffalo Wing originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. While I love the two Columbus Giants, I go to these events to find the small neighborhood bars that serves an authentic style Buffalo wing.

For that reason, the Queen and I have made a special award for the Best neighborhood bar wing at Wing Zing. That title for this year's event goes to Nick and Sydney's RoadHouse Grille

They are located at 14211 E Broad St, Five miles east of I-270.

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