Who we are.

This group of brave travelers set out on a cruise that was intended to last more than the 3 hours of the Minnow piloted by the Skipper and Gilligan. We all met on the forums of Cruise-critic.com To find out more about our friendly band of travelers click on their forum avatar below.

Learn about Don and Prudy Learn about Bill and Gina Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy

Prudon (Prudy & Don)           BillOh (Bill & Gina)       Cheryl & LeRoy
Deck 8 inside                  Deck 9 balcony             Deck 8 balcony 
Salem, NH                      Columbus, OH               NorthGlenn, CO
33rd Anniversary 4/18'08       27th Anniversary 5/2/08    18th Anniversary 4/28/08
9th cruise                     3nd cruise                 2nd cruise
2nd seating                    2nd seating              

Learn about Peg & Jim Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy Learn about Cherrel & LeRoy
JHealy28S (Peg & Jim)                                     Lady Gamecock (Cherrel & Jared) JCgamecock      
25th Anniversary
Deck 8 balcony                                            Deck 8             
Seymour CT                                                Charleston, SC 
1st seating                                               9th cruise
                                                          2nd seating              

Learn about Jan and Paul Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy Learn about Amy & Paul

MIflamingo  Jan and Paul             Angel59920 (Angel & Brian)        Fanofflorida (Amy & Paul)
Deck8                                Deck 7                            Deck 10
Michigan                             Maryland                          Eugene, OR
Many cruises 2nd together            1st cruise                        2nd cruise
1st seating                          1st seating                       2nd seating
                                                                       10th anniversary

Learn about Kim & Michael Learn about Debbie & Ricky Learn about John & Karen
Kim and Michael                    Debbie and Ricky                   John and Karen
Manchester, TN                     Napa, CA                           Syracuse, NY
Deck 8                             Deck 8                             Deck 8 
2nd seating                        1st Seating                        1st seating

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