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Who we are.

This group of brave travelers set out on a cruise that was intended to last more than the 3 hours of the Minnow piloted by the Skipper and Gilligan. We all met on the forums of To find out more about our friendly band of travelers click on their forum avatar below.

Learn about Don and Prudy Learn about Bill and Gina Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy

Prudon (Prudy & Don)           BillOh (Bill & Gina)       Cheryl & LeRoy
Deck 8 inside                  Deck 9 balcony             Deck 8 balcony 
Salem, NH                      Columbus, OH               NorthGlenn, CO
33rd Anniversary 4/18'08       27th Anniversary 5/2/08    18th Anniversary 4/28/08
9th cruise                     3nd cruise                 2nd cruise
2nd seating                    2nd seating              

Learn about Peg & Jim Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy Learn about Cherrel & LeRoy
JHealy28S (Peg & Jim)                                     Lady Gamecock (Cherrel & Jared) JCgamecock      
25th Anniversary
Deck 8 balcony                                            Deck 8             
Seymour CT                                                Charleston, SC 
1st seating                                               9th cruise
                                                          2nd seating              

Learn about Jan and Paul Learn about Cheryl & LeRoy Learn about Amy & Paul

MIflamingo  Jan and Paul             Angel59920 (Angel & Brian)        Fanofflorida (Amy & Paul)
Deck8                                Deck 7                            Deck 10
Michigan                             Maryland                          Eugene, OR
Many cruises 2nd together            1st cruise                        2nd cruise
1st seating                          1st seating                       2nd seating
                                                                       10th anniversary

Learn about Kim & Michael Learn about Debbie & Ricky Learn about John & Karen
Kim and Michael                    Debbie and Ricky                   John and Karen
Manchester, TN                     Napa, CA                           Syracuse, NY
Deck 8                             Deck 8                             Deck 8 
2nd seating                        1st Seating                        1st seating

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