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My philosophy on Web rings.

Web rings are an interesting phenomena. I started putting all of my web rings on the main page of my site until it started getting a little crowded. Then I started putting specialized web rings, such as Astronomy rings and racing rings on the appropriate pages in my site. I noticed that people were leaving my page to go to other sites who don't even display the rings on their pages. So if I find several sites on a ring that don't display the web ring on their page, the ring goes! I have also decided no more than one web ring on any page except for this one.

I enjoy randomly surfing the webrings and visiting the sites that all share a particular interest. If you find a web ring that relates to things on my site, let me know at the email link below.

Here    they    are!

OHIO #1 WEBRING This Ohio #1 Webring site is
operated by Bill McCall.

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This site is a proud member of the Personal Pages Ring.

C.C.W. site is
Bill McCall

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Columbus City Web
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This Super Racing Ring site
is owned by
Bill McCall.

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The Ultimate RC Car Ring
The Ultimate RC Car Ring
is owned by My Competition Plus web page.

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The growing list of rings continues!


member of the Ring Of Conservative Sites
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The Live WebCams Ring
WebRingMaster: Alex Tutusaus
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This site is owned by Bill McCall
ULTIMATE Homepages Ring
This ULTIMATE Homepages Ring site
is owned by The world of Bill McCall

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ringlogo2.GIF (6061 bytes) The Amateur Photography Ring
This site is owned by Bill McCall

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