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Welcome my snorkle cam page!

This page has had visitors since I created it on Dec 5th, 2010.


My wife Gina and I have been on 5 Royal Caribbean cruises. After giving snorkling a try in Saint Thomas in the USVI we bought our own snorkle equipment with us. On one trip I was looking in the airline's SKYMALL magazine and spotted the snorkle mask with the built in digital camera shown below.

This page will also serve as a review of this camera/mask. I bought this in 2008 and planned on using it on our cruise in 2009. I took it with us to Belieze which is supposed to have some great snorkling. However, our excursion was canceled so I drug it with us and didn't get to use it. The pictures speak for themselves. The camera uses a micro SD card to store the pictures and works on two AA batteries. I used a 2gb card and easily stored more than 100 pictures. There is also a storage area for a 2nd set of batteries. It also comes with a cable to allow you to download pictures directly to your computer without removing the micro SD card.

When you put on the mask, there are cross hairs on the glass that allow you to aim the camera. You can not see the camera, the picture counter, or the controls while wearing the mask. This and the fact that the shutter and power buttons are next to each other are the only shortcomings of the camera. It is very easy to accidently shut off the camera and continue to think you are taking pictures. The camera also has a video mode, and its easy to get into that mode without realizing you have done so.

Enough talk, here is the pictures taken at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean's private island in the bahammas. I've left the pictures full size so look at this on your biggest screen or highest resolution. Feel free to use any pictures for your own private use. Any commercial use must be approved by me.