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Columbus Curling club.

Welcome to my Central Ohio Skiing Resource page

In 2000, we were skiing by Thanksgiving, but the 2001-2002 season didn't start till Christmas week! (2000 was a record for earliest opening) 2002-3 started early in December. Of course, it is now fall again, and I'm looking forward to trying out a brand new set of shaped skis when the '04-'05season opens. I have my Master the Mountain pass already and anxiously awaiting awaiting opening day, whenever that is.

This page went live on 1/27/2000. I grew up near Erie, Pa where dozens of ski resorts (mostly in Western New York) were nearby. Yet I never skiied until I moved to flat central Ohio. I was introduced to the sport by Bob and Martha Fair, whom I use to work with. I've been skiing more in recent years as I looked for some way to get excercise in the winter. Here are a few links to help you learn about skiing in Ohio.

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Snow Trails near Mansfield: This is one of my favorite places to ski

Mad River Mountain: 45 minutes from NW Columbus

One of the best times to ski is when there is no snow on the ground in the bigger cities. Many people forget that they are still making snow at the resorts. This year as in most years many of the resorts will have web cams so you can check out conditions for yourself. Here are a couple. (They may not be live as of October, but I'll update the links as they become available.

Mad river's cams
Snow Trails cam.When it finally snows Snowtrails snow cam should be here

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When I do visit my old home town of Erie, PA in the winter, I like to visit Peak N Peak Ski resort in Western, NY

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