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Defining a quality Buffalo Wing!

As mentioned several times on this site, we are about finding good authentic Buffalo wings. So what constitutes a good Buffalo wing?


1. The wing must be sectioned into two pieces, with the tip discarded

2. The wing must be deep fried.

3. Wing and sauce only, no breading or any other type of coating.

4. Celery and blue cheese must be available has finally endorsed a deep fryer for home use.

The GE Professional Style Restaurant Quality Deep Fryer. This fryer makes great crisp wings over and over again without losing the heat of the oil! We were able to make 2 pounds of wings at a time. Most home fryers can't handle that much and most professional models start at over $250

GE Cool Zone Deep Fryer


1. The wings should not be too small and dried out when cooked, or not so large that they can be mistaken for legs.

2. The sauce must maintain flavor at all heat levels.

3. The sauce must evenly and fully coat the wing. Wings served in puddles of sauce can cause the sauce to overwhelm the wing. Too little sauce diminishes taste.

4. Wings should be cooked to obtain a crisp skin and the meat should not be under or over cooked.

5. Finally, Just like Wendy's the meat must be fresh not frozen to rate at the highest quality. Everything else being equal, it takes a fresh wing to reach 4 or 5 stars here on There are lots of good wings that are frozen, but fresh is best. For homemade wings, fresh wings cook faster and are less greasy.

Learn to make your own great wings (includes some great sauces to try!)
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