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Below are a few of the photographs I have taken that I wanted to share with everyone. They don't fit into any of the categories of other pages on my site. KEEP IN MIND THIS PAGE IS ALL GRAPHIC FILES SO IT WILL TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD.


All photos on my web site are free for your personal use but can not be used for any other purpose with out my written permission. I don't have that much of an ego to think everyone will rip off my work, but it has happened.

To start here are a couple of shots I took with my digital camera to see how they would turn out. Following those, are ones I took at one of Nature's most photographed locations. Niagra Falls. Those were taken 20 years ago.

One of my bigger pet peeves is people who use their flash at places like Niagra or other outdoor sporting events from the stands.

Popular Photography
Popular Photography

Magazine DescriptionPopular Photography provides beginners, hobbyists, and professionals with information on photo composition, production, and new product reviews intended to aid creativity and enhance enjoyment of photography. Articles cover color, darkroom operations, travel and nature photography, video making, camera equipment, and buying guides.

Look closely in the photo below. From 400 yards away, I thought this was a doe. But the shot at 14X reveals a decent rack. Hard to tell from the background, could be a 4-8 point.

More to come soon

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