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1st stop Labadee Haiti"

Here our members will discuss their day at Labadee.

This was our 2nd time in Labadee. On our first trip there in 2006, we rented the Waverunners. That was a great time, but on the rough ocean it is exhausting. That year we stayed around the Columbus Cove area, which is in the same location as the waterpark. This year we wanted to see more of the area and first walked to the Dragon's breath area and watched the Zip line. The zip line is pricey, but probably worth doing once, which I hope to next time there. We ended up at hideaway beach just relaxing, snorkeling, and of course went to the usual BBQ lunch. The weather was great all day until we went back on board. Since we had no planned excursion, we waited till around 9am to catch a tender to shore. There was no wait. The wait coming back was no longer than 10 minutes.

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When we got to Haiti we had to be tendered in. We were on the second tender boat out and we didn't have to wait in any lines. The first beach we went to we didn't like to much but I did get a good picture of the boat. Then we moved to the beach over where the zipline came across. We rented floating beach mats and just relaxed for the day. The tender back to the ship was just as easy as the tender out. Haiti was beauiful the beaches were nice, the people that worked at the markets were nice and not to hard to deal with. All in all I would love to go back again.

We didn't book any excursions here, but went over before lunch to explore and eat. The water was warm and wonderful. There is a lot of rocks in the water, so be careful there. Water shoes would be a great idea. So is sunscreen. So many people got burned that day, included LeRoy. We went back to the ship and took a nap. Decided to eat at Johnny Rockets that night as we had missed our early dinner seating.

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Labadee: What can I say? This is one of the most beautiful spots one can see. The weather was perfect, there are plenty of beach chairs and eyeing the vision of the Freedom in the background is such a spectacular sight. We were at the beach closest to the Dragons Breath food station, called Hideaway Beach, and spent a great deal of time in the water just talking with other cruise critic friends who wound up on the same beach. The bar-b-que lunch was very good. So it was a day of water, relaxing, eating and some reading. A perfect day. The tendering went smoothly. I would definitely recommend water shoes for this beach as it was very rocky at the shore line.

Jim and Peg at Hideaway Beach>

Labadee is a great place to relax. We started out our adventure by a massage in a cabana overlooking the ocean & the Freedom of the Seas. Then we relaxed with a cool drink in hand overlooking the Caribbean. We did spent some time shopping for local handmade art & Ricky had her hair braided.

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Labadee – The island you’ve always pictured in your dreams. Palm trees, pristine beaches, warm water, light breeze. We got off the tender and stepped into Paradise. We had our picture taken and took a left toward the beaches away from the wave runners. There were RCCL gentlemen ready and waiting to place our lounge chairs any where we wanted. We chose a spot with sun and shade and settled in for the day. We took a long refreshing swim then went to relax. Two members of our group took the walking tour and found it very interesting. Their guide was born in Labadee and is a very proud knowledgeable young man. He mentioned how glad the island people were that RCCL has made a port here. It has helped the people so much.

We strolled the island, checked out the market with trinkets or T-shirts for sale, had a lunch of ribs and potato salad then headed to our wave runner. We’ve done this before and had a much fun as the first time. We went top speed around part of the Island stopping here and there to learn some of the history of the island and it’s people. Once again, our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We then made our way back to the Tender and back on board. It was a perfect day.

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