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A little bit about where I am from.


I created this page as much as a reminder for myself as a way to let people know about where I am from. When I go back to Wesleyville, I take along my digital camera and take pictures of things I remember and want to remember. I left Wesleyville, Erie, Iroquois High school on 7/7/77. Easy date to remember huh? I was a little more than 18 years old. Somewhere in 1995 I had offically lived in Columbus Ohio, more than half my life. While I call Columbus and Ohio home, Erie County, PA and Wesleyville will forever be my hometown. I get back to Wesleyville a couple of times a year.

First you will see Wesleville Elementary School. Actually, when I started Kindergarten in 1964 This building was grades K-12! Just off the right edge of this photo was a small room where the kindergarten was. When I went to 1st grade the school was getting too crowded and first grade was moved to the Luthern church nearby. That year my town of Wesleyville and Lawerance Park combined school districts and built the Iroquois Jr/Sr High school. At that time everyone stayed in their own school thru grade 6 and then everyone was combined at the high school in "The park"

Our school didn't have a cafeteria so we were dismissed for an hour at lunch and many of us walked home. On days when my dad wasn't going to be there, he would give me a dollar and I would walk to Russ' Dinor on Buffalo Road, just a couple of blocks from the school. I would order a cheesburger, fries and a coke. My dad would always ask for the quarter I got in change. I would always forget to give it to him. Russ' Dinor is a real piece of Americana. It is your typical diner of that era. It is still in business today, run by the same family. We eat their when we can on return visits to Wesleyville. The food and everything else hadn't changed a bit. It is great! Now they are smoke free, which since I live in Ohio, I expect and its a great way to enjoy good food. I hope they can keep serving customers well into the future.

When I went home for Christmas, I got a couple of pictures of the house I grew up in. That is quite a house. My dad did so much work to it and it is so much nicer than any house near it. Everytime I see it, I think of all the work that was done. (A small part in which I helped.) My mom has continued to have it worked on to "finish it" taking care of things my dad never got to.

There is quite a history in this house. As of April 2004 it no longer belongs to my family. My family had lived in that house since 1955 and has made quite a mark on it and the neighborhood. Below is another picture of my neighborhood looking west. This was taken during Christmas '99 and Erie's white Christmas.

Another fond memory of my hometown is Hill's Market on Station Road. Like Russ' Dinor, this is another family run business. My memories here, besides the meat counter, are going in and getting my baseball cards, batman cards, and great candy and having them put on my parent's bill. How many businesses to that today?

Below is a satellite photo taken from the web site. The largest building in the middle is Wesleyville Elementary where I went grades k-6. (It has the flat roof that must have 1000 of my baseball and tennis balls up there! Buffalo Road (the main street) runs from the left to the top of the pic.

The next photo shows my house along 4 mile creek. (see arrow)

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