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Welcome to Gina's 40th birthday page!

Gina is 40 years !

So far people seem to care about that fact.

Actually Gina turned 40 on Nov 23rd 2000, which was Thanksgiving day. Thanks to all who attended the party. And to those who couldn't, I guess being in the hospital in severe pain is a decent excuse.

The survey is now closed, here are the results.

The first question was:

I've known Gina for?

37 percent said, Several years while 34% said for decades. 12% of you said, for several years.

Question #2 was As a human being I would rate her....

60% of you said that she was a great person. 15% said I couldn't live without her. While 12% said She should be allowed to live.

Question number 3 was, As for her looks.... 34% said, What a sex kitten! I know that was my vote, but who were the other 10? 28% of you said that she was pretty.

The next question was, How was Gina treated you?

The largest response was "She is one of the nicest people in the world " this got 50% of the vote. "We get along great was next with 25% of the vote. 3 people, or 9% voted "She is a great kisser" The other two voters want to fess up?

The next to last question was. "The famous person she most reminds me of is " The results was a tie with two interesting winners that each earned 26% of the vote. Those were Madonna and Tonya Harding.

The last question was, "Have your even seen Gina naked. All I can say is 53% said no. Hmmm.

If you want to know more about the man lucky enough to live with Gina, click here. :

Party Pictures!

Note: Page 3 of party pics went up 12/10 So far these are all digital pics, I haven't developed the other pics yet, I better get on that !

More pictures from Gina's party. :