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Welcome to page 4 of my photo tribute to Gina's 40th birthday

Note: These pictures aren't in any real order.

The first picture here is from a family reunion held in Chicago around 1982. This is Gina's family from left to right, her Dad, mom,(sisters and brothers) Mary Jean, Karen, Jim, Tom, Terry, Emilie, and Gina on the right.

Those of you from CAS should recognize your lobby. This picture of Gina and Jimmy Crum was taken there around 1985.

Since Melinda was born in March of 84, that would make this mext picture, Christmas of '83

Now we jump ahead 5 years to Melinda's first day of Kindergarten. (Fortunately, she gets her looks from her mom.)

Further evidence of where Melinda gets her looks from can be seen below. Both of the remaining pictures on this page are from Gina's 3rd birthday.

More pictures of the life of Gina Thoma McCall.