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Welcome to page 3 of pics of Gina's 40th birthday party

This first pic is Gina with her long time friend Helen and her husband Paul. Helen is one of the few people at the party who have known Gina longer than me.

Here we have Gina with Pete Kelly. Pete is the father of Taylor, who I think is in some upcoming photos. Taylor and Melinda have been taking horse riding lessons together for many, many years.

This picture is Melinda with her grandmother. You can see Melinda gets her smile from her mother, and I get mine from my mother :)

This table is mainly some of my friends from my work. I left the picture a little larger and didn't crop it so you can see how many people where there to honor Gina. Closest to the picture is Kris Barth, with her grandson. Steve is to her left. The rest of the table is the Brown family, Richard, Amy, Nick, and Katie, covering her face the way kids do. In the next picture, you will see I got her anyway.

Katie Brown- Nyah Nyah, I got your picture!!!!!