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Welcome to our Freedom cruise!

This site is dedicated to a group of people and our vacation. A group of individuals who by chance all chose the same cruise vacation and came together on a cruise forum called


I (Bill ,Columbus Ohio) reserved our 2nd Royal Caribbean cruise on July 18th, 2006. However, it ended up being our 3rd cruise. On Cruise Critic they have a section for people going on a particular cruise to chat and discuss the cruise. I started the group in October 2006. It became a good size group and as expected we had a lot of fun. As you can see the cruise, which sailed 4/27/2008 has now been over for

Some of us had been chatting on the cruise board for more than a year before this cruise. Many more have joined us since then including a large contingent from New Hampshire. I wonder if anyone was left in the state, it seemed like everyone on board was from New Hampshire (not that there is anything wrong with that )

Here is our route.

We are adding new pictures here daily on various pages of this website. Below is a picture of the ship, Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Sea, which is currently the World's largest cruise ship.and will remain so until sometime in 2009

On our cruise we were suprised to learn that we were on the 100th cruise for Freedom of the Seas. The celebration was pretty minimal.

Check out Cruise

Our Roll call group on Cruise Critic!

Learn more about this Freedom of the Seas Supergroup

Our CC Roll Call group looked forward to the "Meet and Mingle" and Sailaway

All cruises start with embarkation day, here is our story

Our members discuss their onboard dining.

Our Our first port of Call - Labadee Haiti.

Next came Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Next came Georgetown, Grand Caymen.

Final stop, Cozumel, Mexico.

What we did on Sea days, and general thoughts about this great ship.

Our group shares their photos.

The bad part is after a week, they make you get off the ship!.

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