Below is my wife Gina and myself., Gina Marie McCall (Thoma) and I have spent 32 happy years together. (We recently had our 29th wedding anniversary, but I actually met her on 2/6/78). This picture was from around April of 2009

Above is a picture of my Meade 12.5" Dobsonian reflecting telescope. I am behind the scope with my daughter Melinda. This photo is from around 1995. A more recent picture of Melinda and I (4/29/10) is below. Here she is walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Melinda Dyson.

Below is a picture of Melinda with her grandfather (Christmas '98) He died in February of 2002.

Here is she again with her grandmother (my mom)

My mom is in the photo below.

Donna Louise (Brady) McCall 7/23/35 - 2/19/10

Below is a picture of the some of the crew of the USS Witek DD-848 in 1948. My father, who is probably about 19 in this picture, is in the back row 2nd to last person on the right.

On 7/2/2000 I was back in Erie to attend my nephews graduation party, here are a few pictures from that event. The first is my sister Louise, Dorothy Brown (family friend), and my nephew Joe.

Speaking of Joe, her is a recent picture of him near Basra

While in Erie, we made a trip to Niagra Falls with my cousin Judy from Utah, who I hadn't seen in 25 years. She is below with 2 of her kids, Jeremy and Tricia.

Here we are in Disneyland Summer 2002

Its been a busy time the last couple of years, and I realized I hadn't updated this page in at least 5 years!. Since then, Melinda got married as you saw above, Mom died, and several changes in my sister Louise's family as well. Below is my sister Louise and I, each with our respective spouses (Mike, Gina) from our cruise last November on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas.

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