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Welcome to my make your own great wings page!

After many years of eating great Buffalo wings, I have finally perfected the do it yourself wing. As Wendy's Hamburgers is fond of pointing out, their burgers are fresh not frozen. With wings, the same applies, the best wings are never frozen. The best wings you can buy at a restaurant are also never frozen. One of the few fresh sectioned wings you can buy at a grocery store, here in Columbus, is the Weilands store on Indianola Ave. They are perfect for home wings. The 5 pounds bag of frozen wings at most grocery stores are a definite step down in the final quality of a home wing.

The best authentic wing is deep fried. You may come up with some good results by baking, but the wing we are seeking must be deep fried. The biggest problem in achieving a crisp wing at home is the poor selection of deep fryers available. Most home fryers can't handle a decent load of wings. A fryer needs to maintain at least 375 degrees to cook a wing properly. Most people want to make 15-20 at a sitting and these fyers can't make more than 5-10 at a time without the temperature dropping to the point that the wings never crispen.

Finally, I found the GE Professional Style "Restaurant Quality" fryer. This fryer easily holds it temperature with 2 pounds of wings (around 20 average) and the temperature quickly recovers for the next batch allowing the cook to prepare multiple batches as we will for our superbowl party. Below is an example of what a properly cooked batch of wings should look like.

Allow the wings to drain and then pat them dry with a paper towel. Generously add salt and pepper. (This isn't health food!) The wings are now ready for the sauce. I use a small plastic bucket with a lid. A bottle of sauce from Anchor Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings, Or Quaker Steak will give you 5 pounds of wings. Pour the proper amount of sauce into the bucket and then add the wings. With a tight fitting lid, or deep bucket, shake the wings till they are fully coated. If they don't coat well, add more sauce and reshake. Below is what the perfect home wing looks like.

Above, we used the Original sauce from the Anchor bar (available at the link below.) I also recommend their "hotter" and "Suicidal" sauces. We used to use the Buffalo Wild Wing "Medium" sauce but the geniuses in their home offices decided to thicken up the sauce because it was separating. I guess they figured we were too stupid to shake before using. You will notice this in their restaurants, as the wings frequently have puddled on sauce. Our favorite is Quaker Steak and Lube's "hot"

Wing Sauces we have tried.

Buffalo Wild Wings

BWW Restaurants sells their full line of hot sauces on their web site. When I purchased them, I found the sauce to be exactly what you get at the store. Their medium sauce may be the best blend of heat and taste in the industry and is a personal favorite. The only problem with these sauces is that the sauce is a little bit thick, making coating the wings hard. Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar This is the Mecca of Wing sauces, there is and probably will never be any better.

Quaker Steak and Lube

After giving Quaker Steak and Lube the title for best wings in Columbus for 2000, I had to try their sauces at home on my own wings. I started with their Medium, Hot, and BBQ . The medium is very tasty and is an excellent choice for parties where you may not want the hottest wings. The hot sauce is truely excelllent. I am still debating as to what my standard sauce is for my home use. This ranks right up there with Anchor Bar's sauce. Of Course Anchor sets the standard, these are both excellent sauces.

I also tried QSL/s BBQ, Lousiana Lickers, and Spicy Garlic sauces. As for the Lousiana Lickers and Garlic Sauces, I don't like them on wings, but you might, or you might find other uses for them. As for the BBQ sauce, this is truely excellent BBQ sauce. I don't like BBQ wings, but this sauce spread over broiled chicken breast was excellent. BW3's Hot BBQ is one of my favorite non-tradtional sauces, and I tried mixing QSL's hot sauces with thier BBQ sauce, but I couldn't get it quite right. I just tried QSL's Buckeye BBQ. Very good! It's comparable to BWW's Hot BBQ. You can order QSL sauces at the store or their website at Quaker Stake and Lube:


First we tried the "hot" sauce and it was excellent! A little different taste than some sauces as it isn't just another Cayene sauce. A very unique flavor with a "sneaky heat" that builds as you eat it. A MUST TRY! The medium is equally tasty with a pleaseant, appropriate heat. 10/30/03 Just tried the XXX hot sauce and it is probably the best tasting xtra hot sauce I had tried. Definitely better than BWW's Wild, or QSL's Suicidal! Check out Wyswings web site:

Hot Sauce Harry's

HSH recently sent me a bottle of their wing sauce. Being from Texas, where they do everything bigger and better, I was afraid this would be some killer burn your sinuses hot sauce. If you check out their web site Hot Sauce Harry's: You will see they have more to offer than just wing sauce. But since this is a wing page, lets talk about that. This sauce had a very subtle heat. It tasted mild while eating it (to my experienced taste) But the more you ate, the more the heat level gently lingered. The taste was pretty good. This might be a good sauce to use if you are entertaining and want to keep the spiciness to a reasonable level for wing rookies. However, the good taste will make sure everyone enjoys.

Cahjons Fiery Foods It had been a while and Cajohn had updated a lot of their products. Now they have a dedicated line of wing sauces. Wwe decided to start at the upper end of their scale at the very hot, but not insane hot with their Hurtin level 5 heat Next came their BBQ-N sauce which was a pretty hot BBQ with a slightly sweet taste. This stuff was really good. WARNING, these are too hot for wing amatuers, but veterans, give them a try. They are on the upper scale of hot, but they still retain taste. This is a crucial element of the hottest wing sauces. If you are going to kill yourself, you might has well go out happy. I would definitely recommend you trying this one. Also stop by their store on Oakland Park Ave for a wide selection of hot food items.

To order Anchor Bar sauce, click on the link below. ;Order Anchor Sauce

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