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Comet photos

Above was my first attempt at comet photography. This was taken in March of 1997 from a farmer's field east of New Albany Ohio. This is a 40 second exposure on Kodak 100 Gold film with a 50mm lens at F2.8 Below are some other shots taken in April of 97 from Galena Ohio.

Getting into astronomy in my adult years was aided alot by reading. The best general book I have read for someone thinking about buying a telescope was STARWARE by Phil Harrington A link to Barnes and Nobel for this book is below.

You will also find a link to Skycom Engineering. I have used their Digital Setting Circle device for 4 years now and it helps me find thousands of things to look at with my scope.

My observing spot at NSP (Nebraska Star Party 99) looking west

My observing spot at NSP (Nebraska Star Party 99) looking south

This is where we slept, the cause of some disdain among the big dob owners.

Astronomy related links

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Skycomm Engineering Maker of the best Digital setting circles on the market!

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Perkins Observatory - Deleware Ohio: Where I frequently observe from. Hundreds of people have their first views through my scope here. Email me for more info.
Skymap software: The pc program I use to plan my observing sessions
What's up at a glance: Sky and Telescope Magazines weekly guide to the night sky.

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