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My humorous look at "Chair hogs" on Royal Caribbean's cruise ship Allure of the Seas

I am a fan of the website It was there I planned our 30th anniversary cruise on Allure. I had heard, and seen examples of chair hogs on this and other cruise ships. What are chair hogs? In the case of this particular ship it holds 6000 passengers and has perhaps 600 lounge chairs around the pool, which on sea-days are considered prime realestate. In order to try and please as many people as possible and to get the best use of this area the cruiseline asks that if you plan on being away from your chair for more than 30 minutes. that you give it up so someone else could use it. While not perfect its a good rule but somepeople are beyond rules and will go out of their way to keep their chairs all day long. Below is one of my favorite pictures taken from the website showing a favorite technique of the chair hogs. This gentleman is out early (look at the clock, this is AM) He is using towels to secure an entire row of prime seats near the pool for his family and friends.

As is the case with many chair hogs, his family didn't show up till 10am or so. These chairs were empty for hours while other people searched for a place to sit. It had been reported that with so many people on board that the cruiseline had begun actively enforcing their rules and removing the belongings of people who had left the on chairs unattended. I had heard of this happening, but had never actually seen it myself, till this trip.

Chair hogs are at their worst on Sea days, which for those who don't know, are days when a cruise ship doesn't arrive or depart from a port so basically all of the passengers are captive and the most popular way to pass time is by the pool in the sun. The following photos are from the last two sea days of my cruise which started 5/1/11. We left St Maarten on Thursday evening and had Friday and Saturday to spend by the pool. I had also just bought a new Canon Rebel t3I camera and this photo expose is how I chose to spend one of these sea days and learn how to use my new camera.