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Our trip to Hollywood/Disneyland

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In the last week of August 2002 Gina, Melinda, and myself vacationed in Hollywood, California. We stayed just a block away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From most of Hollywood you can see the famous sign that you see below. It was a bit of a hazy day that day and most of the days we were there. Even though it was August, I don't think the temperature got above 72 all week.

While we were there people were commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death.

But below is my favorite star of the walk.

This next picture if Mann's Chinese Theater where the Academy Awards were held until recently

Now the Oscar's are given next door at the Kodak Theater

Of course while in LA, we visited Disneyland. I was suprised how much smaller Cinderella's castle is compared to the one in Disneyworld

Here we are in Disneyland

Here is Melinda eating one of her favorite foods in a Disney cafe. Notice the hat she got while attending her favorite show in the CBS studio. We also saw Hollywood Squares that week. (sorry, no photos in the studios)

Of all the times we went to Disneyworld, Melinda never got to eat in the Rainforest Cafe. We took care of that this trip.